Use a blog feed to display recent blog posts on your site.

Best practices

  • Use on landing pages as it assists with search engine optimization.
  • Use category feeds to supplement specific page content.
  • Use the condensed option when it supplements web page content.
  • Use the expanded option when it’s the primary content for a web page.
  • Only use when blog is current. Follow best practices for blogging.
<article class="ContentBlock BlogFeed Page10">
    <h2 class="Header">
        Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur
    <div class="FeedReader" data-feedurl="" data-allnewshref="" data-allnewslabel="More news" data-includehistorical="" data-includedate="false" data-includeblurb="true" data-entrycount="5">
        <div class="loader">
            <img class="image" src="../../images/loader.gif" alt="">
            <p class="title">Loading</p>
        <a href="">View all</a>
<article class="ContentBlock BlogFeed Page{{pageId}}">
    <h2 class="Header">
    <div class="FeedReader" data-feedurl="{{feedUrl}}" data-allnewshref="{{allNewsLink}}" data-allnewslabel="{{allNewsLabel}}" data-includehistorical="{{includeCachedEntries}}" data-includedate="{{displayDate}}" data-includeblurb="{{includeBlurb}}" data-entrycount="{{entryCount}}">
        {{> @loader}}
    <script>missouristate.requireScript("{{path '/scripts/components/feed.js'}}");</script>
        <a href="{{allNewsLink}}">View all</a>
  "pageId": 10,
  "feedHeading": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur",
  "feedUrl": "",
  "entryCount": 5,
  "includeBlurb": "true",
  "displayDate": "false",
  "includeCachedEntries": null,
  "allNewsLabel": "More news",
  "allNewsLink": ""