Subsite Unit Logos

Guidelines for parent site logos placed in the masthead.

  • The logo MUST contain the unit name in text and be legible at the displayed size.
  • When a parent site is referenced, it's logo can be displayed. However in this case the subsite name can only be text. Subsites that wish to use their logo in the masthead cannot reference a parent site.
  • Logos have a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 40 pixels. However for best display on high density devices, they should be provided at twice the natural display size (double density).
  • Logos on transparent or white backgrounds should be cropped tightly to the artwork and not include padding.
  • Reversed logos or logos on a background field should include the desired padding.
  • Standardized logos, or other unit logos that duplicate the wordmark, will not be allowed.